Lunchtime Nature Walks



I work a typical 8-5 job and I get the standard lunch hour.  But like many others, over the years I got into the habit of eating at my laptop or skipping lunch altogether.  I know that taking some time away is best.  I know that getting away from my phone and email is good for my mental health.  But yet, like so many other things that I know are good for me, I have gone against my better judgement and continued to sit my behind in my desk chair day after day.


Until recently – that is.  Here in Alabama our summers are hot and steamy.  If you go outside for more than a few minutes you’re covered in sweat and followed by a cloud of mosquitos.  But now it’s the end of November and we are finally starting to experience some chillier temperatures.  It’s still in the 60s at lunchtime, but it’s perfect for a short walk.


I’m lucky to be able to work from home, and my small community has some beautiful trails to explore.  Some parts have cement sidewalks – which is ideal for me to ramp up the speed a little bit and get the heart pumping.  But there are also dirt trails that wind around the water and big rocks.  Perfect for allowing me to slow down and enjoy the impressive scenery.


My favorite part is a small rock on the edge of the water.  Once I’ve done most of my walking I find my rock and sit and meditate for a few minutes.  I close my eyes and listen to the water running beside me.  There is nothing like a little bit of nature to put you in a good mood and set the tone for the rest of the day.


And of course my phone is set to “do not disturb”.

I allow myself enough time to come back home and eat a nice healthy lunch that is prepped and ready to eat in the fridge.

Self care is something that I need to continue to work at, but little steps like this each day are making a big difference.


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