Friday Favorites

I searched for a long time to find the perfect yoga bag/carrier.  Honestly, if I’m taking a class I just grab my mat and throw it in the car.  Now that I teach I need something that will hold all my teaching goodies.  One night I rode my bike to a class about a mile away from my house and I decided a backpack style yoga bag would be perfect for me (that might have been the last time I rode my bike to class).  After some searching, I found The Original Yoga Sak.  The bag turned out to be perfect, and it holds everything that I need.

IMG_7576Me and my bag.


The bag packs everything up all neat – and it even has a spot for my water bottle.


The front section straps my mat in securely.  It has all kinds of compartments to keep all my essentials – pens, lip balm, snacks, and plenty of room for more.


An interesting feature that I haven’t used yet – a built in waterproof hood.  Great for when it starts to rain while I’m in class.


The biggest compartment has a ton of room.  I currently carry my notebook, wifi speaker, and 10 straps – but there is way more room.  I could easily fit 2 yoga blocks on top.


Do you have any yoga bags or carrier that you love?

*I do not get compensated in any way for mentioning these products, I’m just sharing my love for them.

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